As part of its emergency preparedness mission for Fayette County residents, the Lexington-Fayette County Emergency Planning Committee (FLEPC) is offering non-profit organizations a chance to improve family emergency preparedness and earn some money for their organization. The FLEPC is offering a FREE family emergency kit that can be used for organization fundraising purposes.

“The mission of the FLEPC is to educate citizens and community groups about the possibility of chemical emergencies and how citizens can protect themselves and their families,” said April Milby, FLEPC chairman.  “Emergency kits are a key preparedness item in a home, office, or business.  This offer is just one way the FLEPC helps the community prepare for emergencies.”

The kits are designed to provide the essential tools, equipment, and supplies for a family to be prepared for an impending emergency and how to deal with a wide variety of emergency situations.  The organization can give away the kits through a raffle or other fundraising activity.

The kits include a fire extinguisher, battery-operated AM/FM/weather radio, first aid kit, flashlight, eating utensils, cleaning supplies, and activities for children and adults.  The kits also include instructions on how to deal with a wide variety of emergency situations.

The application process is a simple one. First, the representative or officer of the non-profit organization should send an email to the LEPC requesting a kit and explaining how the non-profit will use the kit for fundraising. Next, the committee will review the request and award the kits.  All kits must be given away no more than 60 days from the award.

Applications should be sent to:  For more information about the award program, call (859) 280-8067 or email the FLEPC at

Please note:  Due to the county-specific mandate of the FLEPC, only requests from Fayette County-based organizations can be considered. Kits will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. A limited number of kits is available.

The Fayette Local Emergency Planning Committee comprises representatives from local businesses, educational institutions, public safety, emergency management, and government organizations.  The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency requires local emergency planning committees throughout the United States to help communities prepare for and respond to emergencies involving hazardous substances.

More information about the Fayette County LEPC is available through its website at:, its Twitter account, FayetteLEPC, and its Facebook page: Fayette LEPC.