Success Starts Here: 2015 LEPC Conference

This year the Fayette County and Jefferson County LEPCs held a joint conference on Tuesday, September 29, at the Capital Plaza Hotel in Frankfort. The conference included workshops, policy updates and other sessions designed to make emergency planning easier.

Below is a list of speakers that includes a link to each of their PowerPoint presentations:
Be sure to check out the photo gallery to see the conference pictures.

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Welcome to LEPC

The primary mission of the Fayette Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) is to develop and implement a community emergency response plan for releases of Extremely Hazardous Substances (EHS); provide an interface between facilities handling EHS and the public; and provide education for appropriate protective actions to the community.

Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA or SARA Title III) was passed by Congress in 1986. The state counterpart law for Kentucky is found in KRS Chapter 39. SARA Title III has two main purposes: it establishes authorities for emergency planning and preparedness at the community and state level; and provides local governments and the public with information about hazardous chemicals in their community through reporting measures. Most importantly, SARA Title III has established new relationships among levels of government, industry, institutions, environmental groups, the press and citizens.

New Version of Tier2 Submit Now Available

The Tier2 Reporting period will be here soon, January 1st - March 1st 2016. Kentucky will once again require all facilities to file Tier2 reports and pay all associated fees electronically in accordance with KyEM's annually published "EPCRA - How to Comply Packet".

In Kentucky the Tier2 Online Submission process requires using the EPA's Tier2 Submit program. The newest version is available now; you may download Tier2 Submit2015 at After downloading the program, complete the required information and save the file to a location on your computer. You will upload this file later to the KyEM Online Tier2 Submission page.

What's changed in Tier2 Submit 2015?

  • Added a requirement that Title be filled out for emergency contact, Tier 2 information contact, and facility emergency coordinator contact types.
  • Replaced EHS checkbox with Yes/No radio buttons
  • Added new "Replace Field Contents in Found Set" feature that will allow you to copy the contents of the current field to the same field on all the records in the found set
  • Updated to latest NAICS list (used in ID drop-down list for facilities), which also means that NAICS is now required to be a 6-digit code
  • Added two new program checks to let you know when data is missing for cases where:
    • you have marked a facility as subject to the Risk Management Program, but you haven't filled in an RMP ID value, and
    • you have marked a facility as subject to section 302 of EPCRA, but you haven't provided a facility emergency coordinator contact for the facility
  • Updated state-specific fields
  • Upgraded to FileMaker 14
  • Revised helps
  • Made minor bug fixes and changes

The 2016 EPCRA "How to Comply" packet is complete and has been published online at the KyEM website:

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Tier2 Submit Training Course Available Online

A complete training course for the EPA’s Tier2Submit2015 program is now complete and available for download at: There are four different documents on the website. Make sure you get the Course Manual as it has pictures and should prove most helpful:

  • 720A-T2S, The EPAs Tier2Submit, Course Manual
  • 720A-T2S, The EPAs Tier2Submit, Course PPT
  • 720A-T2S, The EPAs Tier2Submit, Fact Sheet
  • 720A-T2SSS, The EPAs Tier2Submit, Self-Study Manual